I am an architect from Portugal based in New York since 2010. I grew curious about the drafting and rendering tools of the trade and began to use them as a platform for illustrations. I am interested in translating the language of hand sketching into this process, dealing with the natural restraints of the machine such as movement, line variance and texture. There is some irony in using a tool to produce something it was rather not meant to, but it is also an empowering channel for architecturally charged imagery to find its way out.
The crossing of architecture with image making is where I find the content to work with, everything that I've been exposed to while studying architecture and later on working on projects has created a fundamental set of references that keep evolving and merging with other forms of art, and also affecting the way I connect with what surrounds me.
Sketching on paper or (recently) on ipad are important as a routine to keep ideas on track and wander.

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